Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has announced that his committee has launched formal impeachment proceedings against Trump. This has stemmed from the testimony of Robert Mueller to Congress.

Mueller did not exonerate the president on both parts of the report: Russian conspiracy and obstruction of justice. The focus of these proceedings are primarily the obstruction of justice portion — very damning.

Mueller had stated that Trump can be charged with obstruction after leaving office. GOP Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan already called for impeachment after he had read the redacted report prior to this testimony. He has since left the GOP and is now an independent. Some of the people in the town hall where Amash announced impeachment were surprised by the damning assertions of the report because they only listened to or watched "conservative news programs."

I always wondered why Trump stated, "Oh my God, I'm (expletive), that's the end of my presidency," when he learned of the appointment of Mueller as special counsel. Now I know.

Jack Winkle


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