I have to write a rebuttal to Anja Heister's opinion from May 25. I've never read such a misleading article on trapping and wildlife management in this paper. Heister must still be living in 1820-40s era or in a similar dream land. Beaver have fully recovered many times over. They are everywhere, often in places they are most unwelcome.

I own a wildlife control business here in Billings and your jaw would drop if I told you about all the places I've removed beaver within city limits. The property owners I work for can tell you about the landscape destruction amounting to thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Large mature trees worth thousands dropped overnight, flooded septic leach fields and flooded roads. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and the general public are very fortunate to have the legions of free sport trappers keeping all the legal fur bearer populations in check.

I see in the bio of Heister, she has a Ph.D. in wildlife conservation, ethics and public policy. Unfortunately, she missed the school bus to get her Ph.D. in common-sense, non-emotional wildlife control. Please do not buy into her Disneyland of mommy beaver, daddy beaver and baby beavers living happily ever after, that is not how nature works.

Dave Salys


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