Too much sexuality in half-time show

Too much sexuality in half-time show


What an enjoyable Super Bowl this year! Great talent and a close contest! It get’s 5 stars in my book!

I can’t say the same for the halftime show. There was probably a lot of talent there too creating all the pyrotechnics, noise, and what music we could sort out. However, I, for one, really felt the dancing would have been more appropriate for a strip club than for our No. 1 family sporting event. I will probably be considered a prude by many for this little letter, but I don’t want my daughters to think their wonderful sexuality is something to flaunt. Our wonderful sexuality is something to be respected and mostly private in my mind.

I love music, great bands, and great vocalists. Their talent lifts my soul. I wonder if the majority of people need the fireworks, excessive noise, and over the top sexuality to enjoy real talent. And does real talent need it all to shine?

All the beautiful people that I know would never consider public displays that might disrespect sex, personality or gender.

I wish the NFL would really work to bring us great talent to halftime that might represent the real class of our American people, and leave out the distractions to that talent.

Tony Seitz




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