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I was so thrilled to see the letter from Mr. Clarke. I and many others feel the same. This paper has gotten so liberal that I seldom or hardly ever read it. I get it to get the crossword puzzle that is not political. Why don't you just print the truth, good or bad? Nothing is ever put in this paper about the good things that are happening to this country. You only trash Trump, day after day. I don't always agree with Trump but he is so much better than Hillary Clinton would have been. Why has this country been so divided? Eight years of Obama. Even though I did not agree with this man, I never trashed him while he was president, like the left do Trump.

Listen, folks, I use to vote Democrat. I even voted for the first Clinton. I voted in the primaries for Hillary Clinton. But when I have seen what she has done in her time as secretary of State, I was horrified. We have a problem in Washington, D.C., and it isn't Trump.

Sharon Engstrom