Less than a week after the EPA announced a plan to relax restrictions on methane gas releases into the atmosphere by oil and gas producers, President Trump, our "Environmentalist President," recently ordered the USDA to open Alaska's Tongass National Forest, our largest untouched wilderness, to logging, mining and coal, oil and gas exploration.

All this at the same time that the Amazon, a critical world CO2 reduction area is burning out of control.

The Tongass National Forest is not only a national treasure but another important buffer to climate change similar to the Amazon. Is there no end to the stupidity and shortsightedness of this administration?

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Regarding the relaxation in methane gas releases, even the coal, oil and gas producers think this is a bad idea. Regarding opening the Tongass National Forest to "Economic Development," this is a no-brainer. I rest my case, and pray that voters will do the same.

Michael J. Taylor

Red Lodge

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