Trump restores common sense

Trump restores common sense


I am responding to a Letter to the Editor that was published in The Gazette on Feb. 7. The author states in part, “Most people agree that Trump did, in fact, withhold funds from Ukraine to obtain a political favor,” then asks, “How do you feel about that?” Since she invited a response, I will oblige.

The letter concludes with “by casting a vote for Trump you are complicit in the corruption of politics.” So if any of us “undesirables” vote for Trump, we are “complicit” in corruption? Oh, please. If the author would prefer to go back to the halcyon Obama years of high unemployment (particularly for minorities and women), oppressive government regulation, a stock market that was 30+% lower than it is today, the glory days of ISIS and al-Quada, oppression of freedom of religion and freedom of speech, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” then she should vote for the Democrat. If, on the other hand, she prefers economic prosperity, record low unemployment, vastly reduced government regulation, non-forgiveness of student loan debt, no reparations for acts committed 160 years ago, then she might want to reconsider and vote for the re-election of the president.

I am no fan of the president’s style. But, I did not vote for him because I liked him. I voted for him because I thought that he could return this country to common-sense government based on our Founding Documents. He has done exactly that.

Leon Royer




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