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The federal government threatened a total shut down of all government operations at midnight Dec. 8, 2017, and again on Dec. 22, 2017, because of over spending of our federal budget. How, then, does the federal government expect to keep the current administration in operation by reducing the amount of annual tax revenue the government receives by billions of dollars, and increase our national debt by a trillion dollars?

That is what the Republicans revised tax reform bill will create. When our lawmakers finally realize that the tax reform bill is destroying our economy, they will try to make up the lost revenue by slashing the benefits of the retirees, the veterans, the poor, the elderly, the uninsured, etc. The Republican Party is already contemplating privatizing Social Security and Medicare, which will result in reduced health care, and lower Social Security benefits.

What kind of democracy does our country have when the controlling party in government holds a secret meeting behind closed doors without any bipartisan support, and rewrites the tax laws to benefit and advance their own agenda? This is a legalized form of organized crime, with a Don in the oval office, they control our destiny. Our destiny being threatened on a daily basis, by a tyrant who continues to provoke North Korea into a nuclear conflict. Trump and his administration have attempted to dismantle our current form of government, and destroy everything our past presidents and forefathers founded this country on. He is creating havoc within our government that could take century's to repair. Trump and his swamp rats need to be evicted from the White House and sent down Pennsylvania Avenue singing, “If We Only Had a Brain.”

Terry Lopuch


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