A year or so ago I emailed the president, much as I do my legislators, with a concern. I did not receive a response, but daily emails, called "West Wing Reads." Tuesday's column: "President Trump Urges Nation to Condemn White Supremacy and Find Bipartisan Solutions."

With all due respect, Mr. President, given your divisive tweets and heated rhetoric you have turned the bully pulpit of President Theodore Roosevelt into a "bully's" pulpit. You point fingers everywhere else, but assume no responsibility for the fuel your campaign style rhetoric has thrown on the already hot embers of division simmering in our country.

You ask God to ease the anguish, while not honoring his directive to, "welcome the stranger."

You vow to act with urgent resolve, but the memos seemingly go unanswered by your lead disciple, Sen. Mitch McConnell, who can read between the lines.

You seemingly rule by tweet and Executive Order. That may be adequate for a TV personality, but you are leading a country now, Mr. President, answerable to all of us, not just the 40 percent or so, who voice approval.

John Ilgenfritz


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