I had the honor of being the guest speaker for a Veterans Day banquet on Nov. 9, in Jordan, where I graduated from Garfield County High School. My audience was 99% Republican! We had fun and swapped some stories from, “back in the day.” I have tremendous respect for all those hard-working ranchers and farmers! The prime rib wasn’t bad either!

On Nov. 13, I listened spellbound to the two Distinguished Foreign Service Officers, George Kent and Bill Taylor, as they related in astute detail, the events happening in Ukraine in their struggle against the intrusive Russian military. I was absolutely impressed with their professionalism! Their years of service to their country was displayed impeccably. I was proud to also to have had as a friend, Dave Grimland, a retired Foreign Service Officer. His book, “Journey to Ithaca,” had acquainted me with the intricacies of the job of a Foreign Service Officer. Dave had served in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Bangladesh and India. Sadly, we lost Dave a year ago.

Obviously, I have a profound respect for Foreign Service officers.

Then came the boorish, disparaging interrogation from three sophomoric Republican representatives. I was appalled. That is comparable (to me anyway) to calling the Pope, “The clown with the funny hat!”

It is sad that willfully blind members of Congress would lower their standards almost equal to Trump’s.

The three representatives and the president could start their own quartet. They could call themselves, “The Four Buffoons!”

Lynn Leroy Arney


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