In church on a recent Sunday, I looked from the loft and saw a mother standing below holding her young daughter in her arms, the girl's head on her shoulder — a gentle mutual embrace. Even from there, I found the image, though so ordinary, to be greatly moving — an evident irreplaceable bond.

This is what President Donald Trump still wishes to destroy in the lives of refugees, with family separation, and with imprisonment.

The only moral/humane way to deal with the flood of refugees is to work with the governments of Central America to address the extreme poverty, lawlessness and gang/cartel violence that are causing so many to flee for their safety and lives.

So far, after repeated phone calls and emails, I have yet to get either Rep. Greg Gianforte or Sen. Steve Daines to even acknowledge that there is a human rights crisis in Central America.

Our policies and actions still must fundamentally change if we are to be a nation of justice and compassion, rather than one where wanton cruelty to desperate people is accepted.

Bill Walker


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