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It’s no secret that we have an issue with criminals coming into our country illegally. This is an issue we must stop. We must secure our southern border and in doing so, protect the lives of American citizens. While many people are thinking about the president’s critical border wall, I also think it’s important we don’t forget about Kate’s Law.

The law is common sense. It allows illegal immigrant criminals to be sent to prison if they get caught re-entering the country. The law was named after Kate Steinle, a young girl who was tragically shot and killed by an illegal immigrant criminal who had re-entered our country. Kate’s Law passed with bipartisan support. Yet, Sen. Jon Tester voted against it.

There were 24 democrats that were willing protect U.S. citizens. Sen. Tester was not one of them. More examples of Americans killed by illegal alien can be found by go to: These are real stories about real people.

It’s simple: either you want to protect Americans, or you don’t. Vote Matt Rosendale this fall.

Heidi Roedel


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