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This week we learned the state’s voter information pamphlets included major oversights, failing to properly inform voters of the changes a vote for I-186 would put in place.

Millions of dollars have already been spent by big mining corporations to misinform Montanans. But here are the facts:

I-186 is a straight-forward initiative that protects clean water for future generations. It safeguards rivers and streams from acid-mine drainage, mercury, lead and arsenic by requiring hard rock mines to show up front that they will not leave behind perpetual pollution.

I-186 does not impact any currently operating mines or mine expansions.

Even with recent changes to mining law, current law still allows mines to be permitted that leave behind perpetual pollution. Bonds don’t cover “forever” which leaves taxpayers on the hook for decades.

It is time for that to change.

A close look at the changes to the language confirms that the legal requirements of I-186 are clear and specific. Industry claims that I-186 is a burden is like watching actors on a late night infomercial selling you a falsehood to get you to buy a bigger pile of bologna.

Showing Montanans up front that a mining operation will not cause perpetual pollution is a reasonable requirement that will protect our citizens and our economy.

Amended guides will hit mailboxes soon. We urge you to get the facts and vote yes on I-186.

David Brooks


Tom Reed


Yes for Responsible Mining I-186

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