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Does anyone in the country really believe that if the president gets his way and his wall is constructed along the southern border, that it will really only cost $5.7 billion as is touted? Actually, that's just the startup costs during the first year. Most estimates place the total cost around $25 billion — some even higher. Let's be realistic. When's the last time a major government project came in on budget and on time? Given the history of cost overruns and delays typical of government projects, who knows how much it would ultimately cost.

Saner minds really hope this incredibly ridiculous monstrosity is never built, but if it is, you can bet the ranch (especially if you own one along the border) that it will come in at four or five times or even more than that before it's finished.

Considering the greed and corruption that is characteristic of this administration, you can almost hear the government contractors salivating at the prospect of lining their pockets with excess profits from this ludicrous proposal. And to what avail?

The majority of Americans oppose it and widespread opinion among experts and residents living along the border is that it will do nothing to solve the problems, real or imagined, along the border. In the end, if constructed, it will be nothing but a colossal monument to hubris, ignorance, racism, waste and fear. Future generations, on viewing it, will marvel at the stupidly of a government that constructed it.

Gerald R. Kessler


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