Today I noticed the article about Walmart’s decision to quit selling certain types of ammunition and prohibit open carry of guns in their stores. I also noted the Billings gun club response. As a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I heartily support Walmart’s decision. This does nothing to stop sport shooters who belong to gun clubs from enjoying the sport, but it does limit an angry shooter’s ability to create chaos in places where guns have no sporting purpose.

I previously taught anger management courses and what I learned is that violence, even without guns, has only one intention: to harm or frighten another person. Most of the people in my classes were required to be there because they had committed an act of violence. Most regretted their action.

When a man was stopped for a minor traffic violation in Odessa, Texas, he started shooting with an AR-style weapon. I thought it strange that the police kept looking for a motive or a plan. He didn’t have a plan, he had a gun and he used it to express his frustration and anger.

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Impulsive acts like this also include many suicides which, given time to consider, may have been preventable. That is why I applaud anything that can slow down that impulse, be it comprehensive background checks, red flag laws, and safe storage of firearms.

Margaret English


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