The issue in the upcoming elections which is of the upmost concern to me is the fundamental problem of big money donors and its devastating influence on our politicians. As much as politicians deny it, the ultra-rich donors control what does or doesn't get passed in Congress. It's the reason why legislation is not considered, even if the legislation has substantial public support, if a big money corporation or an ultra-rich individual opposes it. Only if politicians are not influenced by ultra-rich donor money will they begin to serve the public needs, not the needs of big money donors.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the two major Democratic presidential candidates who, in this campaign, have not accepted donations from big money donors. It is for this reason and two others, that I am supporting Elizabeth Warren.

I believe the progressive tax policy of the Eisenhower administration to be more equitable, so Warren's wealth tax has my support. I also support some form of Medicare for All. I feel Obamacare, if it had 100% coverage and equal benefits, would be more costly than Medicare for All.

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The Canadians overwhelming support their health care system. It's more like Medicare-for-All than like Obamacare. To those who argue Medicare for All couldn't get passed in Congress, Congress always waters down any proposal so you start with what you most desire so you're able to negotiate (give something away) to finally get what you can get.

Bob Ellis


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