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Recently at Montana State University Billings, I attended a seminar hosted by Kathleen Masis and Citizen Climate Lobby.

The seminar encapsulated the deadly effects that rising water temperatures are having on the planet’s corals. After listening to scuba experts, people with Ph.ds, and watching the film "Chasing Coral" which is on Netflix, I was nothing short of depressed. Whether a person believes in climate change or greenhouse gases, the end result is simple: The oceans temperatures are going up and the coral is dying in devastating quantities. Even though it is only going up from 2 to 4 degrees, imagine a person having a 101-degree  temperature? It's the same for the coral.

We would go to the doctor and yet we do nothing for our planet's sickness. The world’s coral are a vital part to the health of the entire ecosystem and are being wiped out. No coral, no natural break for the beaches. No coral, no small fish sanctuaries or things for them to eat. No coral, larger fish have nothing to eat and they die. No corals, no attraction for people to snorkel and Scuba dive and revenue and jobs are lost.

The list goes on and considering the loss of coral, and it is up to "We the People" to take a stand to save it. We have a global and moral responsibility to take care of the planet and this is a great place to start. Please watch the movie "Chasing Coral" so you can have a better understanding of what the world is facing. Also, contact Citizen Climate Lobby. We are in a crisis.

Marc Dean