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The 4th of July turned our attention to the Declaration of Independence, the ideas of 1776, and America’s promise of equality as declared by Thomas Jefferson. The idea was not new, but in Europe it was frustrated by their establishments and traditions.

“All men are created equal” by our common creator. How is that thinkable in a world of fixed positions and wealth? “Government by the people” or an equal voice in government? Impossible within Old World society. God appointed the kings; castes and class systems were ordained by God, superiority was a birthright.

But we in America began anew with “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Not an American nationality but a “more perfect union” created by the promise of our founders — an equal voice in our Union.

In this election summer that American ideal is under attack. Since the Supreme Court made the decision that money is speech it can’t be controlled in electoral campaigns. Now the owners, inheritors and controllers of wealth are boldly reestablishing the Old World’s corrupt system in America.

Because the Supreme Court has defined money as protected speech, Congress can’t fix it by passing a bill. But we do not have to accept defeat. Join Wyoming Promise by signing our Ballot Initiative Petition for a Constitutional Amendment that clearly states money is not speech. Volunteers around Sheridan events are gathering signatures. Together we can restore the promise. For more information on how you can help go to

Mel Logan

Sheridan, Wyo.