Why Gianforte can't debate in Helena on Nov. 26

Why Gianforte can't debate in Helena on Nov. 26


I know all of the Republican candidates for governor well and respect them. However, I am extremely disappointed in the way Attorney General Tim Fox and Sen. Al Olszewski have conducted themselves. The recent “debate” stunt is another example of the way they have lowered themselves to dirty tactics that have nothing to do with policy or the candidates’ vision for Montana.

When representatives of the three campaigns discussed a debate schedule, the Gianforte campaign made it clear that this date did not work for them. Very understandable considering it is the biggest travel holiday in the United States.

Gianforte had a prior commitment to visit his son in Chicago for the holiday. One of our many children who have had to leave the state to find economic opportunity. Which is precisely why Greg is running, and why we need him as governor.

The other candidates decided to go ahead with the debate, knowing full well that Greg couldn’t be there and are now making false claims about why. This is not what campaigns should be about. It should be positive and about ideas. That’s why I am supporting Greg for governor, because so far, he’s the only one running that kind of campaign.

Rep. Barry Usher

House District District 40



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