City government has the biggest impact on your daily life, and that is why I’m running for Billings City Council Ward 5.

I’m a small-business owner, experienced business executive and skilled in government policy making, who is committed to the success, growth and stability of our city. I will represent our community as a fresh, knowledgeable representative, to give voice to our neighborhoods, so City Hall hears from us, not just special interests and the “buddy system.”

I will enhance quality of life, support our local businesses, increase accessibility and create a collaborative and effective city council. It’s essential that we manage our city’s growth using smart, thoughtful approaches that put residents first. It's about agreeing to disagree with respect to get things done, while focusing on the issues our city faces and working towards success. We must look to the future and retain our town’s charm. Billings needs cooperation, not partisan disorder.

My strong knowledge and experience in government, business, coalition building, budgeting and finance, law and legislation, personnel management and communications will add great value to the council, with drive and tenacity. I function with an independent open mind, non-partisanship and inclusiveness. I know the people, the issues and the way to get things done. My crossover expertise flows across all aspects of city administration. Management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things — I fulfill both. Vote honesty, balance, commitment, motivation, success and experience. Vote Jennifer Merecki for City Council Ward 5.

Jennifer Merecki


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