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It was refreshing to see today’s youth at the Donald Trump rally for Rosendale. No, not “plaid shirt guy.” No, it was the sharply dressed boys and girls to his left. Thursday’s rally in Billings saw the Montana FFA organization put its voice in support of Matt Rosendale.

Was it surprising to see the FFA organization in support of a former land developer set to remove the Senate’s only working farmer? No, not at all. What value could a third-generation farmer from Big Sandy bring to a Senate full of millionaire lawyers and business owners? Obviously, the state FFA organization knows that the experience gained from a career of developing land in Baltimore would serve the interests of Montana farmers more than a lifetime of farming and being a member of the Big Sandy Soil Conservation Service Committee, or the Chouteau County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Committee, or in a decade with the Big Sandy School Board of Trustees.

Since the national FFA has rules for when the blue corduroy jacket can be worn, like “at all official FFA occasions,” we know that the Rosendale rally was an “... occasion where the chapter or state association is represented.” Maybe it was because Trump headlined the rally. I mean, who better to represent the FFA Code of Ethics to “appreciate and promote diversity in our organization” than Donald J. Trump?

Troy Monroe


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