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Treason is an ugly word. But it's being used, on occasion, in response to actions and comments from members of this administration.

Fresh out of the longest shutdown in history, the president is dangling the possibility of yet another if he doesn't get his way on a "wall." I think the Senate has had about enough and may decide to override if he refuses to sign whatever the bipartisan committee presents to him.

He ordered his treasury secretary to lift sanctions on a Russian oligarch, and the Senate lost the ability to stop him by just two votes.

Just a day after the annual intelligence briefing in the Senate — an event that was televised — he sat in the Oval Office telling bald-faced lies to reporters regarding the public testimony of his top intelligence chiefs. We all heard what they had to say regarding North Korea, Iran and Isis. Yet he insisted that he had "spoken to them, and they said their testimony was taken out of context and misreported and was ‘fake news!’” He insists that he is right (this from a man who can't pay attention long enough to sit through intelligence briefings) and they are wrong. This gaslighting is just the latest thing in this wannabe dictator's history of untrue statements and bad policy decisions.

As more of his cohorts are arrested and charged with lying about their interactions with Russia, maybe the pressure of worrying about what shoe is about to drop next — on either his family or himself — is getting to him. Even Fox News is beginning to show reluctance when it comes to airing some of his most outrageous claims. I don't know why he has allegiance to Russia, an enemy of long standing, but I fervently hope that our Congress — both houses — works to minimize the danger he poses to our democracy.

Paula Dee

Lovell, Wyo.

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