He has his own jet. He can fly a rich buddy from Washington, D.C., but can’t manage to show up at a debate in Montana. An RSVP was too much trouble. Western Native Voice sent a certified invitation letter. They shared documentation of the letter and their phone invitations with the Missoulian newspaper. The newspaper reports that our current congressman and his campaign deny receiving the invitation. Why should we believe them? This is the same individual who has blatantly lied to us before, about his assault on a reporter and most recently about hunter and gun-owner Kathleen Williams’ stance on guns.

Kathleen Williams drives her camper truck or car. Without a private jet, she manages to show up all over our state. She organizes open conversations with Montanans of all stripes. She and the Libertarian candidate were on the stage to debate at Pablo. Our current representative was a no-show. He meets with carefully selected groups. Is he afraid of people who might ask hard questions given his known difficulties in responding with civility?

Kathleen Williams is not afraid of her fellow Montanans. She shows up. She listens. She cares. She has great policy plans. (Check her website.) She has a proven track record of working effectively and respectfully in a divided legislature. She is a unifier. She has guts and civility. She is a hard worker with experience. She is one of us.

So, Montanans, we have a choice. Camper truck or private jet? Williams it is!

Susan “Elli” Elliott

Red Lodge

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