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Wayward YNP wolf wanders across the park boundary, only to meet its untimely demise. Truly a terrible tragedy of immense magnitude, from which countless wolf lovers may never recover. Dearly departed wolf Spitfire, we hardly knew ye!

Preventing such a horrific incident from ever happening again can certainly be done. Wolf-huggers of the world, unite! Unite in camaraderie, determination and fellowship with your wild brothers and sisters, da wolves.

A modest proposal: To prevent the sacred wolves from leaving YNP calls for drastic measures. A viable solution has somehow been overlooked until now. That solution is to build a wolfproof wall around the entire boundary of YNP! Sure, it would require much effort and money, but no public agencies would be involved. The best part is, the wolf-lovers of the world will pay for that wall and build it as well! And they’d be glad they did!

The newly created organization Help Our Wild Lobos (HOWL), will plan and supervise the entire wonderful project at no cost to taxpayers. Wolf-kissers of the world, rejoice, and get ready to build that wall! Arrooooo!

Richard Backstrom


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