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Matt Rosendale really cares about veterans. He created a Veterans Advisory Board so he can “hear directly from our veterans about the conditions they’re facing ... and ensure that they are receiving the health care they deserve.”

Rosendale’s hand-picked advisory board is comprised of 11 vets, all Montanans. And all men. Given that one in 10 veterans is a woman, and male numbers are decreasing while the female veteran population is growing, Rosendale’s advisory board is blindingly stupid from a demographic point of view. Women’s health needs being distinctly different from men’s, it’s also clear that an 11-man board won’t render much useful “advice” on women’s health concerns. This is especially true, in light of the fact that one in five female vets reports military sexual trauma (the clinical term for the specific variation on PTSD that afflicts servicewomen) as a major concern.

I don’t imagine Rosendale is inclined to respond to questions about his advisory board coming from a progressive Democrat like me. But one of his hand-picked advisory board members, Iraq war vet Kenneth Bogner, is my Republican opponent for Senate District 19, the largest senate district in the state, spanning most of eastern Montana. The people of Montana — male and female — have a right to know where he is coming from on this issue.

Kenneth, I am calling on you to explain why the women who have served at your side, should not be granted a place at your table. Where do you stand?

Mary Zeiss Stange, Ph.D.

Democratic candidate

Senate District 19


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