The mine at Oscar's Dreamland has the potential for significant adverse impacts to environmental and community resources. Other counties in Montana have chosen to be proactive for the health, safety and well-being of their communities and residents in the form of zoning. The DEQ has no authority governing off-site mitigation and the impacts from open cut operations, which are not confined to just the mining area. The effects are far reaching. Off-site impacts can only be regulated and mitigated by the county and taxpayers should not shoulder that expense.

In addition, we have met all requirements to begin implementing a Special Zoning District, or at least Interim Zoning, on a portion of the un-zoned land in our area to include the Oscar’s location. This would allow restrictions to be placed on this land, to protect the community from undesired land uses in our neighborhood.

By granting the Interim Zoning or Special Zoning District, the commissioners would be taking a huge, positive step in safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of area residents, Canyon Creek School and local businesses.

However, our Yellowstone County commissioners and the County Zoning Committee do not seem to be hearing our public outcry. We have hired an attorney who has sent letters and made phone calls, yet he does not seem to be getting answers from the county zoning office nor the county commissioners.

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This mine will be unsafe and harmful to the community.

Amy Soroni

Canyon Creek Taskforce


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