Elk calf in Yellowstone

An elk calf in Yellowstone National Park.

A female concession employee was injured by a cow elk in the Mammoth Hot Springs developed area at about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to a Yellowstone National Park spokeswoman.

The employee was transported to the hospital via ambulance but additional details about the extent of her injuries have not been released.

Park biologists and rangers hazed the elk to get the animal to leave the area, which is home to the park headquarters, the Mammoth Hotel and the Albright Visitor Center.

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Two women were injured by cow elk protecting their newborn calves last spring. Elk are attracted to the Mammoth area for food and protection from predators. While eating, the mothers will hide their calves near buildings or in the sagebrush. If people approach the calf, the mother elk may act in an aggressive manner to protect its calf.

Elk are in the height of their calving season, which can start in mid-May and extend into late June.

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