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Katadyn gravity filter

The Katadyn gravity filter quickly purifies water during backcountry trips.

Wind raked the waves off the mountain lake. I stooped to scoop water for dinner from the shore, six liters full into a bag.

In less than five minutes the water would be filtered and potable. The cleanse took no more work than hanging a bag from a branch.

I love gravity filters. These all-in-one water stations convert lake or river water to drinkable H20 with minimal work.

Simply fill up the reservoir and watch as it seeps and flows through a filter placed down-gravity. Water is then routed through a hose for directing into a pot, bottle, or other holding container.

Katadyn ( this month announced two new models. Its Gravity Camp 6L and Base Camp 10L filters are touted to be the fastest flowing on the market.

I tested the 6L model and was impressed with the filtering speed as well as its overall ease of use. It has connectors that snap directly to my CamelBak bladder, making for a drip-proof seal.

On the Colorado lake I timed water filling a 100-ounce CamelBak. It took just under two minutes for lake water to flow clean into the hydration reservoir, filled up and ready to drink.

Katadyn uses a 0.2-micron filter on the units. This is a standard the company cites will eliminate all protozoa and bacteria, as well as many viruses. It is the type of filter I use on most backcountry trips.

The Katadyn filters pack up small and weigh as little as 11 ounces (12.4 ounces for the larger capacity model). They will cost $89.95 or $99.95 for the larger unit when they come to market this summer.

Look into the Katadyn line or other gravity filters if you want a no-fuss, fast method for procuring water anywhere outside.

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