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Pitch in to help save water as streams, ponds dry up

Pitch in to help save water as streams, ponds dry up

Drying up

If you have visited your favorite pond, creek, lake or river recently, you may have noticed the water is very low. The dry, hot weather and a drier-than-normal winter are to blame.

Low, warm water is bad news for fish like trout, which need cold water to survive. To stay alive, they will seek out deep holes or where springs enter and provide cooler water.

As plants dry out, more animals will be moving to places with water – like along stream banks – so they can find food and shade. Try your best to avoid scaring them off, as they may be having a rough time getting enough healthy food to eat.

During these dry times, you and your family can help out.

Try to water your grass less. If sprinklers are used for gardens and grass, it is best to water in the mornings or evenings when it won’t dry up so fast. Don't wash cars as often, or use water to spray off a sidewalk or driveway. Use a broom instead.

You can try to use less water in the house.

Running the water to make it cold to drink wastes water. Instead, fill a pitcher with water and keep it in the refrigerator. Ask your parents to save your bath water and use it to water outdoor plants. If you shower, try to be quicker.

If your house has a dripping faucet, suggest your dad or mom fix it. Even this little amount of water adds up over time. There are faucet and shower nozzles that reduce the flow of water so less is used when you turn on the tap. You can also turn off the water while you brush your teeth.

If everyone pitches in and helps out, a little bit here and there can add up and help preserve our waterways.

— Brett French,


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