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Jake Fulkerson rescue

Jake Fulkerson, a Park County Commissioner in Wyoming, is airlifted off Crow Peak. Fulkerson was injured when a boulder fell on to his foot, temporarily trapping him. 

A Park County, Wyoming, commissioner was rescued Sunday from a mountain slope after his foot became trapped under a boulder. 

John Charles "Jake" Fulkerson, 59, was trying to summit Crow Peak, a mountain just north of a highway between Cody and Yellowstone National Park's east entrance, according to the Park County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. 

He put his hand on a boulder for leverage and dislodged it. The rock, which weighed several hundred pounds, fell on his foot. 

Fulkerson was hiking alone but had a radio given to him by employees at the nearby Shoshone Lodge that he used to call for help. 

Park County Search and Rescue responded to the Lodge and saddled up on a team of horses provided by the lodge. Wranglers from the lodge had already set out for Fulkerson and reached him before Search and Rescue did.

They were able to free his foot, but couldn't move him because of his injuries. Search and Rescue personnel helped stabilize Fulkerson's injury and called in a rescue helicopter. 

The helicopter couldn't land due to the steep terrain, and crews instead requested a helicopter from a search and rescue team out of Sublette County to perform a "short haul" rescue. 

A rescuer was lowered by rope from a hovering helicopter to Fulkerson and secured Fulkerson, and the crew lifted him off the mountain. 

The aircraft took Fulkerson to a nearby ambulance, which then took him to a hospital in Cody. According to the sheriff's department post, his condition is unknown, but Fulkerson responded to the Facebook post with his thanks. 

"I can't say enough about PCSAR," he wrote, calling the rescue a "very humbling experience."

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