Columbus Public Schools

About Columbus Public Schools

The District shall provide an equal opportunity for all students to receive an education, which will enable each to fulfill their optimum role in society, commensurate with individual ability, in compliance with legal requirements and reflecting the desires of the people.

The instructional programs, methods and resources shall meet the needs of each individual student, regardless of race, color,
creed, sex or level of ability. The District recognizes that equal opportunity education does not imply uniformity and that each
student's unique characteristics must be acknowledged.  The instructional programs, methods and materials shall not imply, teach or encourage any beliefs or practices reflecting bias or
discrimination toward other individuals or groups and shall not deny others their basic human rights.
The District will strive to develop and implement programs that provide students with those skills, knowledge and attitudes that:
1. Are fundamental to present and future learning in all walks of life;
2. Help the student to solve problems and think more productively;
3. Help the student to relate with other people effectively;
4. Promote the student to attain and maintain physical and mental fitness;
5. Help the student to understand and appreciate other people, how they live and how their lifestyles may impact his/her
present and future life;
6. Help the student become prepared for the world of work;
7. Assist the student to adapt to technological change and its impact on his/her present and future life;
8. Enable the student to use free time in a self-satisfying manner;
9. Assist the student to understand how beliefs and values guide one's actions.

Attending Columbus Junior High/High School is both an honor and a privilege made possible by the taxation of property in the
community. Since parents and other people in the community pay these taxes, students are obligated to them, as they are to
themselves, to gain as much useful knowledge and experience as it is possible to obtain utilizing their talents and abilities. 

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