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Don's Car Wash

About Don's Car Wash

Our History

1968 -

In July of 1968, Don’s Car Wash opened at 1125 Grand Ave.

1970 -

In 1970, a second car wash built at 2343 Central.

1972 -

In 1972, a third car wash was added at 1924 1st Ave N which included a convenience store.

1998 -

In October of 1998, Don’s Xpress Lube opened at 1125 Grand Ave.

2004 -

In May of 2004, the car wash formerly known as Kwiky Auto Wash at 1433 Main was purchased.

2005 -

In December 2005, a newly remodeled Don’s Car Wash on 1433 Main opened with Xpress Lube, fuel and a revamped car wash.

2008 -

In July of 2008, Don’s Xpress Center opened at 2324 Main.

Other Information

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