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Northwest College


231 W 6th St
Powell, WY 82435
Toll Free: 1-800-560-4692
Last Updated: August 31, 2018


About Northwest College

High expectations
We set high standards for our students and ourselves. We blend challenge and support to create success. We each strive to be an inspiration and positive role model for others.

Purposeful learning
We dedicate ourselves to self improvement and the support of others as they progress toward their goals. We promote education that fosters satisfying work, creative interests, and continued learning. We are committed to the development of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

Social responsibility
We value social responsibility on a local and global scale and are dedicated to building a more humane society and world. We foster both individual and organizational social responsibility through our interactions, use of resources, and consideration for others near and far.

Intellectual curiosity
We welcome change, the open exchange of ideas, inclusion of multiple points of view, consideration of existing knowledge, and the generation of new ideas.

Diversity and inclusion
We promote equal access to educational services and programs. We model civility, mutual respect, and appreciation of differences. We offer a welcoming, safe, and inviting campus community and dedicate resources to provide an attractive, collegiate environment that supports learning.
Community engagement and vitality
We enrich our service-area communities through educational and cultural offerings and partnerships. We create educational opportunities both within and beyond the classroom for those in the College and service-area communities.

Celebration of accomplishment
We honor the College’s rich history of student success in academic transfer, applied arts, science and technology fields, and workforce training. We continue to build on the positive legacy of the productive College members who have come before us. Moving forward, we dedicate ourselves to providing a culture of excellence and mutual support that will continue to inspire our students, staff, faculty, and service communities.