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A ring-necked pheasant flies away from a field after getting spooked Tuesday, March 23, 2021, near the intersection of Grand and 64th Street W…

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If you’ve ever lost half of your strawberry plant to hungry birds, you need this hack from @makaylacosta14 in your life. To keep birds away, paint rocks with red paint and place them throughout your strawberry patch. The birds will be attracted to the rocks instead of the fruit but will get discouraged and fly away when they realize there’s no food.

The gray-crowned rosy finch is not listed as unusual for Montana or Wyoming in winter, but it is a yard first for many bird feeding enthusiasts in the area.

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Using a variety of toys is the best way to ensure environment enrichment for a bird. In the morning, put one or two toys in your bird’s cage, then take them out at night. Repeat each day with toys different from those the day before. This way, your bird has something unexpected to look forward to for entertainment and stimulation every day.

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