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Parents can encourage open conversation by bringing the topic up periodically, and letting kids know that they will support them through problem solving and reporting.

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Romy Grey is raped, and her whole town refuses to believe her story and subjects her to bullying, mockery and their long-held prejudices. Others start to fall victim, and Romy knows she could help if only she could be heard.

Times are changing with a movement happening right now all over the United States saying we will not let injustices happen.  Bullying is an in…

A student sees a group of girls coming toward her in the hallway. One has been her best friend since second grade, but she doesn’t know the others very well. She says hi to them as they pass. They all ignore her or roll their eyes, including her friend. A few lockers down, they whisper to each other while they stare at her and laugh behind their hands.

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