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I had given up on bok choy, because all I ever did was add it to my soggy stir-fry. 

If you need to bake right now and you forgot to take your butter out of the fridge, this trick from @rachellfish will help you soften butter in under ten minutes. Simply fill a glass with hot water, pour It out, then place the warm glass over your butter to trap the heat inside. It won’t melt too much like it can in the microwave.

Cocoa, coffee and vanilla flavor this dream of a layer cake. The texture is classically light and fluffy. The frosting is creamy and buttery and very chocolaty, but not too sweet. 

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For a quick breakfast when you’re on the go, try meal prepping these 5-ingredient vegan almond chocolate bars from vegan dietician @alyssafontainerd. Banana, almond butter, oats, chocolate chips, and coconut give this bar a delicious flavor and consistency.

A maple in April is a force to be reckoned with. It is in the zone, doing its superpower thing, an engine firing on all cylinders. The sap flows with a vengeance, squeezed by specialized cells that expand during the heat of day to help create more pressure than inside a car tire.

When making avocado toast, start with a simple base and add toppings. Like a piece of toast with butter, it’s a great snack by itself but also a jumping off point for many different places.

Don't be afraid of cooking rice. If you screw it up, consider what went wrong and adjust. 

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It's the cookie equivalent of Reese's Pieces, a chocolate-coated cookie with creamy peanut butter smeared on it. Do I have to say more? (N.B. The peanut butter here is smooth and silky, in contrast to the graininess of that of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.) This was in the running for first place — it's a great cookie in its own right but also lends itself to the sacred art of Cookie Deconstruction, the hedonist act of consuming layers of a cookie one by one. Examples include eating the middle out of an Oreo first, or biting off individual layers of Kit Kat.

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Few things make for a better dinner during the coldest days of winter than a hearty bowl of chili, but it’s nice to have something to break up the monotony. Enter: cornbread, the lowkey star of winter sides.

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