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During a dealership test drive, you’re usually ushered along to get things done quickly. A typical drive might be 20 minutes or a drive around a few blocks, so the pressure is on. But here is where you can deviate from the normal procedure. Let the salesperson know you need more time to get familiarized with the car before heading out on the road.

With more televisions, speakers, smart home assistants, phones, laptops, and tablets than ever in our homes, we also have more cables and cords. Even the cleanest rooms can look more cluttered with exposed cables, and twisted, knotted cords can become a confusing mess. That’s where this flexible zip sleeve cable organizer from JOTO comes in.

Frozen pipes can be an expensive mess, but keeping your pipes from freezing can be done quickly and cheaply. Don’t run up your heating bill while you’re away on winter vacation. Try these three simple fixes instead.

Even if you love your iPhone, you probably don’t love the charging cable. Apple may be known for smart design, but their constantly frayed cables miss the mark. If you’re looking for a more durable alternative, beat the fraying epidemic with these highly-rated iPhone charging cables.

With popular streaming services bringing customers live sports, new episodes of TV, and popular movies, cutting out cable TV is one budget-friendly decision more households are making. These smart TVs make it easy to stream your favorite shows from popular services, no extra boxes or devices required.

Below are listed U.S. patents issued to Montana inventors July 23 through Aug. 20. For assistance in patent filing, call Billings patent attor…

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