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Amtrak already has a list of projects to fund if it gets the billions it expects from a big infrastructure bill. And some of its proposals can be put into effect rapidly, which is a big change from many other infrastructure proposals. Typically, even "shovel ready" projects need years to show results, but some of Amtrak's ideas are "service ready." Basically, infrastructure required for many Amtrak needs is already in place: Amtrak just adds trains to existing operational rail systems. So Amtrak can quickly add as many routes as it is able to equip and staff within a short time.

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The verdict is still out on if Drew Brees' successor is currently on the roster with Taysom Hill showing his upside against Atlanta, but regressing against Denver and losing to Philadelphia. But there aren't any quarterbacks available worth taking here. Upcoming tough cap decisions could lead to a depleted secondary. Stokes is built thin, but remains an impressive athlete who maintains his physicality and played better than almost anyone at the position in the entire nation. Top needs: QB, DL, CB

Most of you are too young to remember Gabriel Heatter, a radio newscaster, who, no matter how dire the country's situation, would start off each broadcast with "There's good news tonight," leading into some trivial feel-good item. That's the context in which, given the ceaseless downpour of bad coronavirus news, I'm glad to lead off this week with some upbeat items.

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Motor vehicle theft rate: 738 per 100k peopleAverage annual motor vehicle thefts: 5,376Overall property theft rate: 3,643 per 100k peopleViolent crime rate: 709 per 100k people

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Q: In January, my grandson and three of his friends agreed to rent a four-bedroom apartment near the campus starting in August, when school was supposed to resume. They signed the lease in January. The four students each signed separate leases (with parents co-signing), and each student put up two months of rent upfront, totaling $1,600 each.

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Stuck at home, reduced to virtual armchair travel, I've been musing about lessons learned on past trips-- like the days we spent fishing last summer in Alaska. My skepticism is understandable since, after a day and a half of fishing for salmon on the famous Kenai River in Alaska, before we got to Homer, we didn't catch any keepers. "The hardest day of fishing I've had all...

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