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When you're packing for a summer or fall air trip, don't forget one item that might not be on your regular packing list: Plan B. That's because for at least the rest of the year, some airlines are cutting recently restored or newly added schedules, often with little advance notice. If you're flying on a heavily traveled route — Chicago to New York, for example or Los Angeles to San Francisco — you needn't worry. But if you're on a newer route that maybe didn't even have nonstop service in the past, you need some sort of plan to cope with drastic changes.

The walled town of Rothenburg, midway between Frankfurt and Munich, offers the best look possible at medieval Germany. And in this theme park of a town, the best ride is the night watchman’s town walk. Each night during the tourist season, with his eyebrows frozen in a raised position, the night watchman listens to the clock tower clang nine times. Then he winks, picks up his hellebarde (long-poled ax), and lights his lantern. Welcoming the English-speaking group gathered in 15th-century Rothenburg, he looks believably medieval in his black robe, long curly hair, and scraggly beard. But the twinkle in his eyes admits, “I’m one of you.”

When Yassir Lester isn’t working on the Showtime series “Black Monday” or the animated Fox series “Duncanville,” you can hear him on the comedy podcast, “My Brother’s Sneaker,” which he co-hosts with his brother, Isaiah Lester. “We came up with the idea by saying, ‘What if we talked about sneakers, but weren’t losers about it and were actually funny, unlike the other sneaker podcasts?’” said Lester, who lives in Los Angeles. Fans can stay in touch with him on Twitter ( and Instagram (

Most of us still don't know how the travel scene will evolve for the remainder of the year — or even the rest of the month. At best, we can try to figure out where we are now and what's coming next in the short term.

“As a group, we had always gotten together physically to write,” said Nobody’s Girl singer-songwriter BettySoo, who’s based out of Austin. “This (pandemic) definitely put our group writing on hold. We haven’t been in the same room since February 2020. Much of the music we write for our group is based on staggering layers of vocal harmonies or counter-melodies, and doing it in person and in real time is a big part of how that stuff comes together. Given the circumstances, we stayed focused on the songs we have, thinking through how we want to present them live once we were finally able to tour and sing in harmony again.” The trio’s full-length debut album, “Nobody’s Girl,” will be released on July 30. Fans may stay in touch with the group on Facebook ( and Instagram (

On Friday, President Biden issued marching orders to more than a dozen federal departments and agencies: Make sure the U.S. economy is and remains fully competitive. His "Executive Order" covered the entire spectrum of federal authority, including quite a few items that involve travelers. Most specifically, the order tells Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to get busy on several issues of important to air travelers. Among the most important:

The Bosnian city of Mostar lies at a crossroads of cultures: just inland from the Adriatic coast, in the southern part of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Mostar’s inhabitants are a mix of Orthodox Serbs, Catholic Croats, and Muslim Bosniaks who lived in seeming harmony before the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s, then suffered horribly when warring neighborhoods turned the city into a killing zone. The persistent reminders of the war make my visit emotionally draining, but I’m hopeful that connecting with the people here will also make it rewarding.

Tanaye White has put aside her career in defense and aerospace to concentrate on modeling, which includes a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. “The decision to transition into modeling full time was not an easy one,” said White, who recently moved to Brooklyn. “I had made a comfortable life for myself in the corporate world. But ultimately, I decided I could always go back to a ‘normal life’ if I ever decided to retire from modeling. I have two degrees to fall back on, so I know that it'll always be there.” Fans may follow White on Instagram ( and Twitter (

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Yes, the U.S. travel scene is back to normal — or at least some semblance of pre-COVID. But if you plan to travel the rest of the summer or this fall, you can expect some substantial differences — changes and gotchas for which you have to prepare.

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Based out of California, Jaylen Barron is one of the stars of the Starz series, “Blindspotting,” which is based on the 2018 film of the same name. The actress said she had a fairly chill attitude about what she could and couldn’t do during this pandemic. “I really feel like the pandemic gave me a chance to grow and get to know myself more,” said Barron. “I’ve discovered things about myself that a year and a half ago I wouldn’t even think I would like or dislike. Spending time outside, whether taking walks or eating, has become a continuous routine. I’ve also started listening to different meditation music.” Fans may stay in touch Barron, who also starred in the Netflix series “Free Rein,” on Twitter and Instagram.

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