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Easter will be celebrated this weekend and you may be planning a special Easter brunch or dinner. There are ways to simplify the preparations involved in hosting a special event for your family and friends. Planning ahead is helpful, and selecting dishes that do not require long hours of preparation or that can be at least partially prepared ahead of time will give you more time to enjoy your celebration.

The tradition of eating fish on Fridays during the season of Lent goes back for many years in some Christian religions. The tradition has been relaxed somewhat in recent times, but is still common for many and you will find fish served on Fridays during Lent in many households. Of course, this is a good tradition to continue year-round for everyone, since we are encouraged to enjoy seafood twice a week as part of a healthy diet. If you are bored with your usual fish dishes, here are some new ones for you to try, including a variety of seafood choices and cooking methods.

When planting seeds, it pays to think about what you will make with the produce. If you want to eat pesto, plant Genovese basil. A mojito enthusiast needs a big ol’ mint patch. You need five recipes, minimum, for each zucchini plant that you bring into the world.

There are tons of nondairy milks on the market, and they can taste radically different: creamy or chalky, delightful or dishwater-y. Here's what to consider, nutrition-wise, as well as EatingWell editors' picks for the tastiest varieties.