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Your home should be a comfortable haven—a place to get away from the rest of the world and relax. But if you spend all of your time at home with watery eyes and uncontrollable sneezing, you don’t feel relaxed at all. Fortunately, there are several ways to allergy-proof your home so you can get back to enjoying it.

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Our team of experts has selected the best Shark robotic vacuums out of dozens of models. Don't buy a Shark robotic vacuum before reading these reviews.

Need the Ultimint stocking stuffer? With a Mint Smartwash gift card, you can give the gift of a refreshed ride inside and out. At Mint we offe…


Proud pet owners may consider their pets part of the family, but unfortunately, they don’t clean up after themselves. If your dog or cat is leaving a trail of fur in their wake, it’s time to invest in these awesome products.

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Whether you’re greeted at the end of every work day by an excited dog, or you have a cuddly cat who loves curling up next to you on the couch, your pet brings joy into your life. But as summer temperatures heat up, they also bring a lot of fur. If you love your pet but don’t love the never-ending battle against pet hair, these super strong vacuum cleaners are for you.

Maintaining a tidy home is hard enough without pets. And for those who do have a fluffy family member, animal hair, mud and less than rosy smells are a constant issue. Still, cleaning the house is not a lost cause for pet owners -- and with the right tools, preventing messes before they happen can become part of your routine. Read on for our top ten housekeeping picks for those with a dog, cat or other furry companion in their life.

Maintaining a clean home can be exhausting, and you’re not alone if the thought of spending your Sunday doing house chores just seems impossibly boring. But having the right tools to keep your space tidy and organized can make the experience so much more enjoyable. Arm yourself with these attractive yet practical housekeeping devices -- and you might even have some fun doing the weekly chores.

All of the inconvenience of a cord is no longer an issue with the Riccar Roam Broom Vacuum. A spinning brushroll and a polishing strip make cl…

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First-time pet owners often face a design dilemma when they bring their new, four-legged pals home. Integrating pets’ ‘stuff’ into our immaculate, thoughtfully decorated homes is certainly a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Explore the following supplies to prevent pets from taking over your space and style.

Freezing food can reduce waste, save money on grocery bills, and help you manage the onslaught of holiday leftovers. These freezer-friendly containers will keep your food tasting fresh for months.

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This portable 2.4 lb. vacuum is lightweight, portable, and convenient to use when you need it! Never again will you have to drive to worry about acquiring quarters for gas station vacuums or lugging around bulky shop vacs. Tube, hose and brush attachments are included!

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Dear Heloise: I'm a fan of yours and read your column all the time. I use your advice and the tips from people who write in. I have a question…

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In anticipation of holiday company, many of us deep-clean the home or enlist professionals to help. But what about unexpected guests? Here’s o…

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