How to choose a roofer

Installing a new roof on your home not only increases its value, it also protects you and your home from the elements. It can become a necessity in the event of a severe storm in which shingles may be blown off or damaged when impacted by hail, tree branches, or other debris. Some Billings roofing contractors provide free inspections and free estimates. They can help you decide between various qualities and types of roofing to fit your needs and your budget. And if it be an insurance repair, many contractors can work with your insurance company to bring your home back to its original condition, if not better.

It is important to choose a professional roofing contractor when it comes time for a new roof. They will be sure to install your new roof safely and effectively and according to manufacturer and UBC (universal building code) specifications.

Ask your roofing contractor about the warranties they provide. It is always best to use a local roofing contractor, if there are any problems with your roof in the future, they will be here to fix the problem. As we saw with the tornado on Father’s Day of 2010, many contractors from all over the country popped up all over the Billings, many claiming to be local or simply buying out local contractors so they can appear to be local.

Your roofing contractor should be able to provide recommendations from former customers. Discuss the quality of workmanship and the cleanup process prior to signing an agreement. You don't want scraps of shingles and nails left over after the contractors have gone home. Ask where you can see their previous work. Determine a work schedule with your roofing contractor so that you will know when the project will be started and completed.

Your roofing contractor can also discuss various products and recommend the best choice for longevity, curb appeal, warranty and resistance to storms. Ask about the guarantee of your contractor’s workmanship. Generally, a good roofer should offer a guarantee of a minimum of two years. Ask for a written, detailed estimate to eliminate any surprises.

Be sure to clarify what the contractor will do if they find damaged decking or any other unforeseen issues during the roofing process. What does the roofer need you to do? Such as clearing the driveway, removing pictures from the wall, or whatever else may be done to accommodate the contractor and protect your personal property.

Every professional who works on your property should be licensed and insured. Insurance is particularly important for roofing contractors. They should be able to cover any damages they might cause to your property. It is also essential that workers are covered under their insurance as well, in the event that someone is injured during the job.

Before work commences, be sure to receive a written contract from the contractor. Read it over carefully. It should state the type of materials to be used, what the work will entail and the final cost.

Following these tips will help you complete your new roofing project with ease. It doesn’t take much time to do a little research and it will be well worth your while once you’ve found a contractor whom you can trust.

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