King's Cupboard

King's Cupboard located in Red Lodge.

Organic, non-GMO, ethically conscience, and utterly delicious chocolate and caramel sauce – do I have your attention now?

It is likely that you have seen jars of King’s Cupboard dessert sauces at the local grocery store. With flavors like bittersweet chocolate, espresso chocolate, organic hot fudge, cream caramel, bourbon caramel and organic caramel sauce, it's hard not to see what all the fuss is about. King’s Cupboard began as a family treat and has become a successful Red Lodge business.

“My grandma passed down the chocolate sauce recipe – which we made a lot. We were having ice cream and chocolate sauce with friends one night and they said ‘you should bottle this stuff.’ Defying all logic and with no business experience and no culinary background, that’s exactly what we did,” said Lila Randolph-Poore, who owns and operates the company with her husband, Rigger.

The couple borrowed $5,000 from a family member to get the business up and running. They took careful measure to find the best ingredients and suppliers around the world.

They began the company leasing a commercial bakery (when the bakery was closed for business) and other various kitchens to create their signature sauces, but eventually built their own factory. Now serving clients around the country, Lila and Rigger produce an incredible line of sauces.

“I work with customers and prospects to develop products that will be sold under their label. This involves a lot of customer interaction, ingredient procurement and creating new flavors and new textures. For instance, a customer might come to us and say they need an organic pomegranate caramel sauce ingredient that they can swirl into ice cream. To accomplish that, I would need to learn a lot about that company’s specific manufacturing process and then we would work together to figure out how to make our caramel work in their product and process,” said Lila.

From Costco to Whole Foods, restaurants and ice cream stores, King’s Cupboard sauces offer simple, high-quality ingredients and a decadent flavor that is an absolute game-changer for dessert sauces. Many consumers do not realize that many factory–created dessert sauces are filled with artificial ingredients. King’s Cupboard is all about clean and basic ingredients.

“We spend a tremendous amount of time researching and testing any new ingredients to make sure that they make the best possible sauces,” said Lila.

With their facility overlooking the Beartooth Mountains, Lila and Rigger are constantly reminded of their responsibility to the environment and do what they can to lessen the company's impact on the planet.

“We source local agricultural ingredients when possible to support regional growers and decrease transport distances. We have a recycling program and have supported efforts to launch a comprehensive countywide recycling program. Heat from our processing equipment is captured and used to warm our warehouse in the winter months and in the summer months, cooler outside evening air is brought in to control our building temperature – both of which substantially reduce our carbon footprint. All products are made with non-GMO ingredients and King’s Cupboard also produces organic certified dessert sauces in an effort to support organic farming and reduce our global impact,” said Lila.

All of which makes this sauce an incredible gift, if not for a loved one, at least for yourself. That simple jar of joy – a product that promotes happiness.

“We are grateful for our customers. The stories of how much people enjoy the product or how much it means to them are the best parts of our jobs. Seeing that our sauces bring people joy, makes all of us here at King’s Cupboard happy,” said Lila.

For more information call (406) 446-3060 or 1-800-962-6555 or visit kingscupboard.com.

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