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^pEager to photograph Yellowstone’s wild beauty during your visit? Ultimately, photography is the practice of seeing. Prepare to slow down and leave the forward-scramble of your everyday world behind. It takes time and patience, along with a sense of adventure, to learn to see in new ways.

Here’s where your iPhone can be a real friend.

Most of us always have them in our pocket. Use your iPhone camera for spontaneous, playful and creative shots.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the iPhone can make great prints, even large ones. You need to start with a good file.

The Apple Camera App always shoots in full resolution. That’s great. But because of the way we carry and handle our iPhones, the lenses are usually filthy. Carry a lens cloth and clean the lens before every shot or shooting session.

Avoid carrying your iPhone in the same pocket with change, keys or anything else that can scratch or damage the lens.

Protect your iPhone from vacation hazards like water and sand by slipping it inside an inexpensive Loksak.

If your phone is really going to take a beating, step up the protection factor with a case like Lifeproof that is fully submersible and optical so you can shoot pictures (and do everything else your phone does) through it.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings.

Watch for sudden changes in the weather, like a looming thunderstorm, so you don’t get caught in a downpour. Be aware of the movement of wildlife around you — keep your distance. Break out your regular camera for wildlife and zoom in with your lens, not your feet.

When you capture photographs, taking several shots with different settings helps to train your eye. Study each image to learn what you do or do not like about your results.

Not every picture comes out just the way you wanted it to, so most iPhonographers have a few apps ready to make the pics perfect.

Here’s a few to check out: Snapseed, Photowizard and PaintFX for general editing plus special effects and masking; Dynamic Light for HDR (high dynamic range) effects, and Tiffen PhotoFX for great diffusion effects. Prices run from free to around $15 in the iTunes app store.

Then, use a good lab to make prints.

F-11 Photographic Supplies in downtown Bozeman has their own app, available on the iTunes store. Download F-11 Photo Print and Share. It’s free.

Let your visit to America’s first national park be one of exploration and discovery; with your digital camera offering a creative window to seeing beyond the surface views. With Yellowstone’s breathtaking scenery and wildlife — does life get any better?

^pJenna Caplette learns about photography by writing about it. This tip was written with the expert assistance of the staff at F-11 Photographic Supplies in Bozeman.

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