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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

1. Are you excited to welcome indoor football back to Billings?

John Letasky: You bet. I enjoyed covering and also attending as a fan indoor football games in the past and welcome a new outlet for Billings sports fans. 

Mario Small: To be honest, I would like to see a professional sports regional league formed of some sorts. 

Bill Bighaus: Not really. I quickly grew tired of the 50-yard field and the whoever-has-the-ball-last victories.

Victor Flores: I wasn't in Billings when any of the previous indoor teams played, but they sounded pretty fun, so my interest is piqued. 

Greg Rachac: I'm more of a 100-yard, 11-on-11 guy, but the owners seem like really good dudes, and I wish them the best.

2. What type of entertainment, along with baseball, would be fun to see at Mustangs games this summer?

John Letasky: Sure, I enjoy good baseball but having different mascots come to the park would also be fun. I'd definitely welcome some extra occasional family-friendly entertainment.  

Mario Small: Possible fast lap catch. Have a lucky fan try to run the bases without the mascot  surpassing them after a hefty jump start, or bring out a dunking booth but up stakes — the winner gets a free trip! 

Bill Bighaus: Just give me a good, old-fashioned baseball game without a gimmicky tie-breaking home run derby at the end.

Victor Flores: I would happily watch a sausage race, but I'll be fine with nothing if I get to see an extra-inning home run derby.

Greg Rachac: Nothing. Just play the game. But it's independent ball now, and that's probably wishful thinking.

3. Are you looking forward to the return of rodeo to MontanaFair?

John Letasky: Yes, what is a fair without a rodeo? Was a little concerned without the grandstands, but according to the Metra and fair websites the rodeo is back inside the arena.  

Mario Small: Sure! Nothing like a MontanaFair rodeo to kick up some Magic City dust.

Bill Bighaus: I long for the days when I could hope for some horse racing during the fair.

Victor Flores: Definitely. Rodeo is fun to watch and popular in this region.

Greg Rachac: Why not? It's a staple, and people love it.

4. Takeaways from the NFL draft?

John Letasky: To be honest, with all the exciting local sports action and news I paid little interest. 

Mario Small: I am beginning to take notice on this Aaron Rodgers saga.

Bill Bighaus: Sorry, I missed it.

Victor Flores: I'm a 49ers fan, so I'm obviously engrossed by their pick of Trey "not Mac Jones" Lance. Will he be good? Who knows! But I'm excited to find out.

Greg Rachac: That it's still a quarterback's league — and the pre-draft hullabaloo surrounding Aaron Rodgers' future only reinforced that notion.

5. What was your favorite class in school? 

John Letasky: Journalism class in high school helped prepare me for the future, so thank you Mrs. Sexton.  

Mario Small: Gym class. I had a ball, get it?

Bill Bighaus: Good one, Mario! I enjoyed gym, too, especially the rope climb. 

Victor Flores: Specifically, it was a writing class my junior year of high school that made me want to become a sportswriter. Broadly, I (like every other writer) preferred English and history over math and science.

Greg Rachac: Lunch and recess, of course. Although in retrospect it was history, English and, in later years, philosophy. 


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