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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

1. Will we ever see an MHSA boys powerlifting meet? 

John Letasky: Hopefully there is enough interest to get it started next year. Then, there's the whole baseball question. 

Mario Small: I think it is possible. Be nice to have it fit in near the end of the school year. Late spring, "suns out, guns out," as they say.

Lindsay Rossmiller: It feels like the focus is on keeping the existing sports afloat so I'm not sure there's a lot of momentum right now.

Victor Flores: I think we will, but it's not even close to girls wrestling in terms of interest right now, and that's a worrisome sign.

Greg Rachac: Hopefully at some point. Have said it many times: The more opportunities for kids, the better.

2. In modern times, does a player commit to a program or to the head coach of a college program? 

John Letasky: It seems a combination of both still, but if a player sees a better overall opportunity elsewhere you can't blame them for exploring it. 

Mario Small: In my experience, if you are going to be a seasoned walk-on, a program with a new coach is beneficial. In a "true freshman" scenario, the coach should be followed in this instance.

Lindsay Rossmiller: A lot sure seem to follow coaches.

Victor Flores: They often go hand in hand, but coaches have a bigger impact. Programs can't replicate the coach-to-recruit human connection, and they don't determine style of play, playing time, etc.

Greg Rachac: Neither. They commit to the best opportunity. And good for them. That's a consequence of turning amateur sports into a billion dollar enterprise.

3. Initial thoughts on the hiring of new Lady Griz coach Brian Holsinger? 

John Letasky: I wish him and the program well. You do have to feel for Mike Petrino, though. 

Mario Small: Next year this time we will have a better take.

Lindsay Rossmiller: He appears to be enthusiastic and has said the right things so far.

Victor Flores: The fact that he hasn't been a head coach since 2007 gives me some pause, but he's impressive otherwise. After this year's NCAA men's tournament, who can blame UM for keeping its Oregon State ties strong?

Greg Rachac: Seems to be passionate about the job, as well as having strong recruiting ties on the west coast. On paper, a really good hire.

4. What would be most problematic if the levy in Belgrade fails, causing several prep sports to be eliminated?

John Letasky: This is sad that it's even on the table. Not only would this fail Belgrade students, but it would also affect Class AA as a whole. 

Mario Small: Lets hope this doesn't happen and things work out. Towns like Belgrade really rally behind their sports.

Lindsay Rossmiller: They are sports that have been some of Belgrade's most successful in recent history and the ones to have gotten students scholarships.

Victor Flores: Cross country and track would be the toughest to lose. Many athletes compete for those teams, and distance runners would struggle to transition to other sports.

Greg Rachac: That voters not doing what's right for the kids in that community. Really hope this doesn't happen.

5. Are you interested in the new Space Jam movie this summer with LeBron James and the Looney Tunes? 

John Letasky: I never did watch the original but now I just might in support of MJ. I'll pass on LeBron's take. 

Mario Small: I can only imagine the storyline. This is the only scenario I would like to see MJ and LeBron square off one-on-one.

Lindsay Rossmiller: I will probably end up watching it for comparison's sake, but I don't see it being able to capture the lightning strike of the original.

Victor Flores: I'm a huge LeBron fan and would watch it no matter who the star was, but I'm not expecting it to be good.

Greg Rachac: Another sad attempt by LeBron to put himself in Jordan's company. The sequel is never as good as the original.


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