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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

1. What would be the perfect name for a rider competing in the Great American Championship Motorcycle Hill Climb?

John Letasky: Harley Claude Hill, or shorten it up to Harley Hill. 

Jeff Welsch: Evel (fill in any last name here).

Lindsay Rossmiller: Dusty?

Mike Scherting: CC DeRider

Mario Small: Ghost Rider

2. Will the U.S. win the gold medal in men's basketball at the Summer Olympics?

John Letasky: You'd think so, but nothing is guaranteed and this team has already had its struggles. 

Jeff Welsch: This was once a given, Soviet cheating notwithstanding (no, I'm still not over 1972), but I wouldn't bet my last yen on it.

Lindsay Rossmiller: It's more interesting when it's not a given. That said, I'll still probably pass on watching them to spend my time watching sports I don't otherwise get a chance to see.

Mike Scherting: Hopefully their exhibition schedule wasn't an indicator. But, to answer the question, it wouldn't surprise me if the U.S. men capture gold and it wouldn't surprise me if they don't.

Mario Small: A new world order is soon approaching. WBA (World Basketball Association). The Euros are slowly closing the gap.

3. Keeping with basketball, are the Bucks the favorite for the NBA title next season?

John Letasky: Milwaukee definitely deserves the No. 1 ranking going into next season.  

Jeff Welsch: If "Adonis" Giannas is as committed next year as he was this year — and no reason to think he won't — it's a lock. 

Lindsay Rossmiller: Nothing is ever a given. But I do like seeing a team like Milwaukee atop the pile.

Mike Scherting: Nope. They need to get better, not just another year older. A lot of good teams were beset by injuries in the postseason and expect them to return to form.

Mario Small: No. Who knows? There is so much flexibility that it will be a playoff scenario.

4. What Montana Olympian do you most recall watching?

John Letasky: Todd Foster. Back in 1988 it seemed most of Billings was following the "Kid" in Seoul. 

Jeff Welsch: Who can forget "Dan and Dave" of Barcelona fame, featuring Missoula decathlete Dave Johnson?

Lindsay Rossmiller: I know they're winter Olympians and you may have meant summer, but the skiers! Heather McPhie, Bryon and Brad Wilson, Maggie Voisin and Darian Stevens.

Mike Scherting: Man, I'm so bad at Olympics stuff. I just don't watch. OK, maybe curling. I do watch curling.

Mario Small: Dave Johnson.

5. Some Great American hill climb riders believe in jinxes. Are you superstitious? 

John Letasky: Nah, but I sure wish the Curse of the Bambino was still a thing. 

Jeff Welsch: I intentionally wore No. 13 throughout my (short) baseball career, but does refusing to switch chairs or positions when my team is on a roll count?

Lindsay Rossmiller: Nah. As a Minnesota fan, I've learned nothing I do helps.

Mike Scherting: I'm superstitious about superstitions.

Mario Small: Heck yes. 


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