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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

1. Which two teams will be playing in the World Series this year?

John Letasky: I'm sticking with Yankees-Dodgers with New York winning the throwback Series. 

Jeff Welsch: The Dodgers are baseball's Gonzaga and the Yankees are Baylor. Heck, I thought L.A. just might go undefeated too.

Bill Bighaus: Former Mustang Aaron Boone of the Yankees is my favorite big-league manager, so let's have the Bronx Bombers win it all. St. Louis will be the team they beat.

Mike Scherting: The Padres and the Rays. Hey, that's a PadRays World Series! You like that?

Victor Flores: This season's Dodgers might be the best team ever, but the playoffs almost never play out the way we expect. I'll go with the Mark McGwire bowl: A's vs. Cardinals.

2. Which MLB club will be the surprise team this year?

John Letasky: So Bill Bighaus, my sister, and the many Seattle fans in Billings have something to cheer about, the Mariners. 

Jeff Welsch: The Tigers channel the ghost of Al Kaline and do their part to shed Detroit's City of Losers tag by earning a wild-card berth.

Bill Bighaus: Am I crazy to think it will be the Seattle Mariners?

Mike Scherting: Is it fair to call the Brewers a surprise when seemingly every year people write them off, yet there they stand with a playoff berth? It'll be the same this season.

Victor Flores: The Royals quietly have a pretty nice roster. I won't be shocked if they snag a playoff spot.

3. What has been the best moment of this year's NCAA men's basketball tourney?

John Letasky: Following how former Tech coach Kelvin Sampson's Houston team has done has been intriguing. 

Jeff Welsch: Loved Oregon State's run but, hands down, watching Michigan lose. Painfully. Excruciatingly. Devastatingly.

Bill Bighaus: The best moment is still to come Monday night with Gonzaga capping a perfect season with a well-deserved national championship.

Mike Scherting: I wish I could tell you. I've watched more of the women's tournament than the men's (which is near zero minutes). Speaking of which, foul or no foul at the end of that UConn/Baylor game?

Victor Flores: When the first game tipped off two weeks ago. I don't love college basketball, but March Madness is an event I'll never get tired of watching. Glad it was able to be played (and has been seemingly safe).

4. Since it's a totally new league, should the Billings Mustangs start fresh with a new nickname?

John Letasky: Bill makes a valid point. The Mustangs nickname is iconic in Billings, but with a new league it would be a chance to start fresh. 

Jeff Welsch: No. I'd change the name of the city to Plenty Coups or Dull Knife before changing the baseball nickname to anything else.

Bill Bighaus: Yes. The renaming should have happened months ago. Seriously. I am surprised nobody has acted on this. They're simply not the Mustangs anymore. But they could be the Colts.

Mike Scherting: Mustangs all the way. What I would change is going back to the orange, black and cream color schemes. Those unis the team wore in 2012 were sweet.

Victor Flores: What about the Bluffs? It would honor our town's topography, and you could fold (pun intended) so many poker themes into everything.

5. Are you a fan of Easter favorites, like the Cadbury Creme Egg or Peeps? 

John Letasky: Not really. However, hot cross buns are an Easter tradition so it was surprising they were so hard to find in Billings this year. 

Jeff Welsch: My blood sugar count rose just reading the question. So no.

Bill Bighaus: My addiction to Robin Eggs was a family secret until now.

Mike Scherting: Peeps are the worst.

Victor Flores: The best Easter treat is the Reese's egg, with the chocolate bunny close behind.


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