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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

1. Was the Belmont Stakes on your radar this weekend? 

John Letasky: Yes, it was. I love the Triple Crown horse races. It makes me kind of nostalgic for horse racing at MetraPark. 

Jeff Welsch: Live sports haven't been on my radar since March 13. Only the return of Major League Baseball will make the world feel semi-normal again.

Mario Small: No, unfortunately I do not follow the who's who, crème de la crème of horse racing, most notably because of the high turnover of the sport. I would probably keep up more if I was a betting man.

Bill Bighaus: As the unusual opening leg of the Triple Crown this year, the Belmont's distance was shortened, no spectators were allowed and a horse named Tiz the Law was one of the favorites. That got my attention.

Greg Rachac: Definitely. First time the Triple Crown began with the Belmont. Tiz history right there.

2. Will Montana State great Bill Kollar be elected to the College Football Hall of Fame this year? 

John Letasky: It would sure be neat to see. I'm rooting for the Denver Broncos' assistant. 

Jeff Welsch: His resume qualifies, but I'm sure it's tough for guys who played in the hinterlands and missing the cut last year isn't such a good omen.

Mario Small: By looking at his resume alone, Kollar will definitely will be honored sooner if not later. From the looks of the Bobcats web link, Kollar is the highest draft selection MSU has ever produced.

Bill Bighaus: I hope so. The All-American defensive end is a Bobcat legend, but the ballot, as usual, is awfully crowded.

Greg Rachac: He's so well-respected that I think it will eventually happen. He deserves it.

3. Would you go to a family movie night, kickball game, or trivia night if it were held at Dehler Park? 

John Letasky: Probably not, but some people might. Kickball would be cool for the kids and I'd have loved that in grade school. I'm waiting for the Legion teams, and hopefully the Mustangs. The country needs baseball to return. 

Jeff Welsch: I'm liking the idea of a movie night. Montana themed: A River Runs Through It, Rancho Deluxe and Legends of the Fall, for starters. 

Mario Small: No. If they had carnival games, dunking booths, side shows ... maybe. I would rather see concerts make a venue of the place.

Bill Bighaus: I would if a Stang Burger was involved.

Greg Rachac: Nah. I don't have anything against those things, but if I'm going to watch something at the ballpark it has to be baseball.

4. Should eSports be considered athletics at the college level? 

John Letasky: No. And I'll type it again in all caps just to be clear, "NO."  

Jeff Welsch: And to think people argue cheerleading isn't a sport ... at least cheerleaders sweat. 

Mario Small: Could the Battlin’ Bears or the Yellowjackets produce the next Michael Jordan of Modern Warfare? Old Dungeon and Dragons fans are looking for college eligibility now as I see it.

Bill Bighaus: No. Electronic sports makes bowling look like football.

Greg Rachac: If that's the case I should be retroactively enshrined in the hall of fame.

5. Have you ever thought what you would do if a bear approached you on a trail, or while in your tent camping

John Letasky: I usually make plenty of noise when walking on a trail, so I'm safe there. But if I were in a tent and suspected a bear were outside, I'd try and be very, very quiet, although the bear may hear my heart pounding. 

Jeff Welsch: "Hey bear!" has always deterred, but after that I'd remind myself I don't have to be faster than the bear — I just have to be faster than Letasky.

Mario Small: I don't know if I would want to wake up a curious bear with a shot of pepper spray if my Jedi mind tricks are not up to snuff. Call 911? 

Bill Bighaus: Yes. I would panic.

Greg Rachac: Won't happen. I've earned the nickname "The Great Indoorsman" for good reason.


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