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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

1. In which Big Sky State Games event would you win a medal?

John Letasky: I don't believe there are medals in the Soaked Run, but even at my age I think that would be fun to try. 

Victor Flores: Golf is the sport I'm best at, but I'd have to play well above my average to medal in it. A hot game of cornhole might be my best bet.

Bill Bighaus: I like my chances in billiards.

Mario Small: I was once a basketball die-hard. At the end of my time with Hamman Law we reigned supreme as six-time gold medalists. Representing your local Billings Family YMCA. Legendary.

Greg Rachac: E-Sports. They got E-Sports?

2. Suns vs. Bucks: Which franchise deserves to win the NBA championship more?

John Letasky: Lets go Suns! I remember how exciting it was when Charles Barkley led the Suns to the Finals all those years ago. It would be nice to see the Suns win a title. 

Victor Flores: The Suns have been slightly better all season, and Chris Paul has been a deserving champion his whole career. Also, Suns coach Monty Williams deserves nothing but good results the rest of his life.

Bill Bighaus: The Suns have never won, so I feel they are most deserving.

Mario Small: I am torn. The Lew Alcindor fan wants a smaller Midwestern market to win a day in the sun, no pun intended. Though, Sir Charles can relieve his epic loss to M.J. with Suns capturing their first ever. 

Greg Rachac: This one's for the Round Mound of Rebound. Go Suns.

3. Can Louis Oosthuizen get it done today at The Open?

John Letasky: The way he's playing right now, I wouldn't bet against him. 

Victor Flores: His one major win was at The Open, and he's been playing incredibly well. But nah, he'll finish T-2 once again.

Bill Bighaus: No. The weekend will belong to Jordan Spieth.

Mario Small: I am behind on the latest and greatest.

Greg Rachac: I'm just here for the Koepka-vs.-DeChambeau drama.

4. There's talk (again) that MLB might ban defensive shifts. Are you OK with that?

John Letasky: Yes, the shift has made real baseball comparable to computer baseball and that's not any fun. 

Victor Flores: No, in part because shifts aren't suppressing offense as much as anti-shift people fear. Even if banning shifts did lead to more hits, it won't affect MLB's biggest problem: there aren't enough balls in play.

Bill Bighaus: I guess I am one of those anti-shifters Victor is railing against. 

Mario Small: "There is no crying in baseball!" — Coach Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own." 

Greg Rachac: Awful idea. The onus should be on the hitters to adjust. If they can't, that's a sad comment on today's game.

5. It's supposed to be 106 degrees on Monday. Can you deal with it?

John Letasky: Maybe I'll be lucky and BSSG officials will setup the Soaked Run course in my neighborhood. 

Victor Flores: Luckily Bozeman won't be quite that hot, but 99 is still scorching, and my house doesn't have AC. I'll just keep telling myself that it's better than winter (the smoke is making it hard for me to believe that).

Bill Bighaus: Bring it on.

Mario Small: I sweat year round. 109, 89, 70 degress. My body's archaic swamp-cooler system keeps me cool, for the most part.

Greg Rachac: Terrible air quality AND unrelenting heat? Sign me up!


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