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Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

Billings Gazette Sports Five on Five

1. Will anyone derail the Dodgers' quest for a World Series repeat?

John Letasky: It would be refreshing to see a team like Atlanta win. And, yes, the Braves are capable of beating the Dodgers. 

Jeff Welsch: MLB would probably love a Dodgers-Red Sox series. Otherwise it's Evil Empire (Astros) vs. Evil Empire (Dodgers), with Braves as speed bump. 

Bill Bighaus: I think the Boston Red Sox might have something to say about a repeat performance by the Dodgers.

Mike Scherting: I'd like to see Dusty Baker do it. Not for the Astros' players mind you, but so that Dusty Baker gets some deserved recognition.

Greg Rachac: No. The Dodgers are too veteran, too seasoned and too clutch to be beaten. The Giants had the best chance.

2. Will Jon Gruden ever work in professional or collegiate football again? 

John Letasky: Probably not. I wonder if others in the NFL are worried about email files? 

Jeff Welsch: Well, if Art Briles of Baylor was re-hirable then it's open season, and when it comes to ethics vs. winning it seems winning ... wins.

Bill Bighaus: From what I read, it seems Gruden offended just about everybody on the planet. I doubt he will be coaching anytime soon, but if others are involved I also want the NFL to expose them, too.

Mike Scherting: I hope not. You can't hold beliefs like that and expect to be the leader of a diverse group of players.

Greg Rachac: It'll be disappointing if he does. While we're at it, let's see the other emails in question as it pertains to the chaos in the Washington organization. Stop hiding, NFL.

3. What's your way-too-early pick for the NBA Finals matchup? 

John Letasky: Every year I hope for a Celtics-Lakers Finals with Boston celebrating at the end. 

Jeff Welsch: I'm all in for a rematch between the Suns and the Bucks, with the Suns catching fire this time.

Bill Bighaus: I've got the Utah Jazz taking on the Philadelphia 76ers.

Mike Scherting: I used to think the NBA postseason always went to chalk. But the last two seasons have kind of thrown that out the window. That's my way of saying it's hard to say.

Greg Rachac: Just one request: Anybody but the Lakers.

4. Thoughts on Laurel's Mya Maack breaking the single-season goals record for Montana high school soccer? 

John Letasky: Outstanding. Congratulations! 

Jeff Welsch: Given how dramatically Montana soccer has improved in recent years, it's saying something. Kudos to her.

Bill Bighaus: Good for her. That's a staggering number of goals (38) in a single season. That would be a terrific career total.

Mike Scherting: Her strength, skill and determination, combined with a talented midfield group, make her tough to stop. And she does the hard work of winning the ball, as well.

Greg Rachac: No surprise. I've seen her play many times and you'd be hard pressed to find a more individually skilled attacker.

5. The Simpsons has been airing for 33 seasons. Do you have a favorite character or moment from the show?

John Letasky: Good one, Greg! It's good to see some things never change, at least not in 33 years. And, again, in back-to-back weeks it's hard to believe the panelists missed this show like they did the Sopranos. 

Jeff Welsch: I've never watched a single minute. Simpsons clues always stump me in the Sunday crossword puzzle.

Bill Bighaus: I feel slightly ashamed, but I haven't watched a single episode.  

Mike Scherting: I'm here to report I've yet to watch a full episode of the Simpsons. Doh! (I do know at least that much.)

Greg Rachac: Not fair. I grew up and all of the Simpsons stayed the same age.


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